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Wine Shipping Containers

Foam injected wine shipping containers...
Digital Wine Archive supplies superior quality wine shipping containers for use in shipping fine wine worldwide. Our foam injected wine shipping containers out perform corrugated, pulp, and styro-foam containers in every drop test; providing a safer and more reliable container to ship your wine in.
foam injected wine shipping container
Other shipping containers can withstand a single impact. Reality is when a container is dropped or mishandled it usually takes multiple impacts. Our foam injected technology gives back and can easily withstand multiple impacts. Styro-foam will break and shatter where our foam injected packaging will maintain its original shape over multiple imacts.

Our shipping containers are all "lay flat" configurations. This style container provides less risk to chip or break the necks of the bottles. It also provides better safety to the wine bottles when transport companies stack and palatize their boxes.

3 bottle magnum wine shipping container
There are many packaging options available, Digital Wine Archive offers wine shipping containers that are of the utmost quality and reliability at competitive prices. We offer free shipping to customers who order 150 or more shipping containers in our local area, contact us at 973-300-1333 for nationwide and worldwide shipping rates.

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 Buy 150 assorted shippers and receive local FREE SHIPPING!            

Existing customers receive a 5% discount on orders.

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*we accept VISA, MC, DC, AMEX

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